Tips for Beginners in Travelling

Travel So your friends got back from their annual jaunt abroad and you can contain your jealousy no more. Or maybe you re about to graduate, or have been let go from work. You know it s time to hit the road, but how and where do you even start? The questions are seemingly endless and it s difficult to know where to start. No worries; you can quickly turn from travel noob to travel snob by starting with these ten travel tips. 1. Consider Your Clothing. You don t have to dress nicely by any means, but you should probably follow a couple of basic rules. Most importantly, don t ever consider fanny packs/bum bag. It s certainly okay to keep your own sense of style, but if you want people to treat you more fairly, then avoiding the stereotypes is a good idea. 2. Money Matters Try to withdraw the equivalent of a couple hundred at a time this way you don t pay a fortune in transaction fees, but if you lose your cash or are robbed it s not the end of the world. Most cities and almost all airpo

Tips for Beginners in Travelling

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