Benefits of Travelling

Travel   Travelling is a necessity, and it always will be. The world would be a very different place if people never bothered to travel and civilization as we know it would not exist.   Since the dawn of man, curiosity has always gotten the best of us. What lies beyond those mountains? What lies beyond the seas? What lies beyond the moon? What lies beyond the stars? Yes, man is a travelling being. What else is the reason why we have feet?   So in light of all these, here are some of the best reasons why it is important to go beyond our homes and discover places different from our own.   You cannot stay and survive in one place. In this case, survival means more than just living and breathing. Man is naturally designed to be beings of organization and cooperation. To survive, you need to live through the city, community, country and world around you. You might survive being alone, but you will never get over the loneliness. Humans travel for life enrichment, growth and development.

Benefits of Travelling

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