3 Cool Travel Gadgets You Can Leave at Home

Travel Gadgets So often you will see travel articles suggesting you need all the latest and greatest gadgets to have the best travel experience.  The truth is for many less is actually more and leads to a better journey.  Even concerning the clothes you pack you could likely survive with less and have a pleasant overall experience.  When you are deciding what to bring for your trip, stop and think about how you can travel with less.  Then do it, pack less.  Considering this, these items are often recommended as must have gear you shouldn’t dare travel without.  However, you would likely be fine leaving these behind at home.    Forget The Shoulder Bag: Everyone loves a shoulder bag these days. Everywhere you look you will likely see lots of people carrying around a shoulder bag. You will likely notice those that attach to your jacket and even bags that hook up to your smartphone.   Just think about it, do you really need these bags or can you make it without them.    Imag

3 Cool Travel Gadgets You Can Leave at Home

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